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Villa Mandarinas Announces Los Mangos Library Fundraiser

Published Aug 6, 2014, 12:49pm -


A summer benefit for Los Mangos Public Library has just been announced, to take place Sunday, August 24, noon - 8 pm, at Villa Mandarinas, one of the many spectacular oceanfront luxury villas in Puerto Vallarta’s scenic South Shore. During this unique event, the entire villa is open to the public, including three swimming pools, kayaks, snorkel gear and pool tables. Food will be available at different stations where guests will be able to enjoy ceviche, chicken salads and other vegetarian options. A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available. Other amenities include live Brazilian music and a fashion show.


The price of admission is $100 pesos, which are credited toward food and beverage consumption during the event. Once inside, each additional food portion is $100 pesos, $20 pesos for soft drinks and $30 pesos for beer or wine, $30 pesos for dessert and $50 pesos for cocktails. Proceeds help support the many programs available at Los Mangos Public Library, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most important cultural landmarks.

Tickets for this one-time event can be purchased at Los Mangos Public Library and Cassandra Shaw's Jewelry on Basilio Badillo St. Learn more about Los Mangos by clicking here. To get a glimpse of Villa Mandarinas, the spectacular venue where this fundraising event will take place, enjoy this short video.


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