In an effort to encourage mindful listening among local concertgoers, Vallarta Lifestyles Managing Editor Paco Ojeda has developed a new music appreciation lecture around popular Canadian singer/songwriter Kim Kuzma’s “Acústico” CD. The lecture, titled “Bossa Nova, Kim Kuzma and Other Musical Musings” will be presented in English at The Palm on Saturday, January 25 at 5 PM.

A jazz and classically trained musician, Ojeda lectures about music whenever possible, and is mostly known for his series of opera lectures presented prior to some Live in HD Metropolitan Opera transmissions at Teatro Vallarta. He has also lectured on music-related topics at several local schools, including the Puerto Vallarta Youth Orchestra’s Pitillal campus.

Kim Kuzma

To emphasize the importance of mindful listening, Ojeda uses wine tastings as an analogy. “Puerto Vallarta has been a fine dining destination for decades,” he explains. “At a wine tasting, for example, a suitable environment is created in which a sommelier can explain the nuances of specific types of wine along with suggested pairings. Those present can savor the wines without distraction. Puerto Vallarta’s live music scene is evolving. As such, we now have the option of truly savoring the work of talented performers and be better prepared to appreciate their inspiration.”

Ojeda has chosen “Acústico,” a locally produced CD by acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter Kim Kuzma, as a roadmap and springboard to a wide variety of music-related topics, from 18th-Century prima donnas to 21st-Century mashups. “My goal is to present those attending the lecture with musical examples taken from Kim’s CD, as well as other sources, and to provide them with fine-tuned tools and inspiration to better enjoy live music in general, and her concert in particular.” Kuzma performs her “Acústico” set on a weekly basis at The Red Room on Basilio Badillo St.

The lecture will be presented at The Palm Cabaret and Lounge, a deliberate choice for Ojeda. “I have a long history with the venue and the management,” he explains. “The environment is isolated, air-conditioned, and the new seating is very comfortable. I want those present to feel at ease during the lecture, ordering a beverage or two, and focusing on the recorded music examples one hundred percent.” He also notes how, as live performers have become more prepared and sophisticated, so has increased the need for audiences to step up and truly focus on the shows they attend. “It is distracting for performers and audience members when folks start using their cell phones or chatting during a show,” he adds. “The whole idea of mindful listening is to truly disconnect from everything and give performers all our attention, thus enjoying their efforts. Hopefully, I will inspire the audience to examine and enjoy Kim’s music in detail in order to truly enjoy her CD or her live performance, should they choose to attend one.”

“Bossa Nova, Kim Kuzma and Other Musica Musings” will be presented on Saturday, January 25, 5 - 6:30 pm. Tickets are $100 pesos per person, $50 pesos for students with valid ID. Please note that the Palm Cabaret and Lounge observes a two-drink-minimum policy. The lecture, presented in English, will last 90 minutes. For more information, please email paco@paco-ojeda.com.