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Kathy Griffin Helps Mismaloya School

Published Jul 29, 2008, 3:21pm - (Updated Jun 8, 2012, 10:51am)

Comedian Kathy Griffin was recently in the Vallarta area recording her successful show, My Life on D-List, which airs on Bravo cable network. This popular show documents her latest adventures around the world. During the visit, Griffin wanted to contribute something back to our community and decided to help out a school in need.

This popular comedian originally had a primary school in mind, however she soon discovered that overall the junior high schools in our area were the most disadvantaged overall. Finally with the assistance of Jeri Grant of Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group, Griffin found a very deprived junior high, Tele Secundaria Vicente Guerrero, located in the small village of Mismaloya just south of Puerto Vallarta. This generous project focused on the construction of a library using the design expertise of Jeff Davis. Additionally Apple co-founder and philanthropist Steve Wozniak donated computers and high-speed Internet connection for two years, and Griffin had tables, chairs and bookshelves donated to the library.

“When my precious friend Kathy Griffin found this needy school, I decided to accompany her and donate iMac computers purchased in Mexico, as they are very popular in schools,” commented Wozniak. He had been a teacher for eight years in the United States, but he never stopped to think much about the needs of the younger students. That is why he decided to be part of the Griffin’s project. These students will now have the technology to discover the world via the Internet and hopefully this will help them create a better future for themselves.

The entire team was worried about the functionality of the gift, so they got the support of Apple Mexico to maintain the connection. “The people at Apple are fantastic.  One of the members even gave his personal email address to the students to keep helping them!” said Griffin. The total value of this donation was approximately $7,000 USD.

Griffin has visited Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area for more than ten years and she loves taking walks along the main avenue. “I think this is an spectacular place. I had always heard that this was an exciting city and had friends with house here. When they rented to me I fell in love with Vallarta”.

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