Galería Pacífico is currently featuring a two man exhibition with works by San Miguel de Allende-based Juan Ezcurdia and Magdiel Pérez. Both artists have known each other for many years, even having studios some 75 feet apart, the basis of the suitably named exhibition: Two Friends. They are in their forties, and both have achieved a high level of success in galleries and museums in Mexico and abroad. They frequently feature animals and their interrelation with humans in their work, but the similarities seem to end there.

Ezcurdia’s paintings most often present a humorous or irreverent tone, but Perez shows more observance of the mystical. In Juan’s vision, a wolf might be golfing or dancing a tango with a hot blond, whereas with Magdiel the wolf would be by a “Tree of Life,” communicating with the spirits. The artists’ backgrounds also vary greatly, considering that Ezcurdia was a psychologist before becoming a professional artist, while Perez initially was following in the footsteps of his father, who was a curador or shamanic healer in a traditional Mexican Indian manner. Another difference is that Juan works mostly in acrylics on canvas without texture on a flat plain, but Magdiel uses the old technique of encaustic with oil, which allows scratching in designs and overlaying colors on a hard wax base to achieve a greater feeling of depth and perspective.

Two Friends will be mounted through April 24, but Galería Pacífico always maintains an ample display of works by these artists at its El Centro location at Aldama 174, just up from the Malecón. For more information, please call (322) 222-1982.