The solo exhibit of Alfredo Langarica’s new paintings at Galeria Pacifico opens with a cocktail  reception with the artist in attendance on January 22 during the Wednesday Art Walk downtown. There will be a second cocktail during the following Art Walk on January 29, both events occurring from 6:00 to 10:00 PM.

Many people from all over the world who have visited Vallarta have taken home some of these artistic gems, and a number of local condos and villas are adorned with Langarica’s paintings as well. His cocktail receptions at Pacifico draw very enthusiastic crowds, and the reason is obvious when one sees his work. The artist combines the highest level of painting ability with a multi-layered artistic sensibility that has been seasoned over a 28 year career. Now in his forties he has painted in a wide variety of styles over the years, from highly realistic to totally abstract and with many styles in between.

His work now is mostly figurative with various levels of an expressionistic approach, but often the line is crossed, as in semi-figurative or semi-abstract. However, the nearly constant thread is Langarica´s active sense of humor, which might be considered to be world class. One of his recently purchased paintings entitled, “Eva at the Hotel Paraiso/Eve at the Paradise Hotel” showed a prostitute holding an apple in her hand while standing at the entrance to the hotel. Langarica said that although his “Eve” was originally looking for Adam, it appeared that now any “John” would do. This new body of work features many light hearted images, some of people enjoying the beach, among other themes. A painting in the new show portrays a smiling man lying ina hammock in the shape of lacy panties, and the title is “Fetish,”

However, his sense of humor doesn’t detract from the obvious fact that the paintings are beautifully executed by a talented artist with exceptional abilities. Langarica’s inclusion in several museum exhibitions and collections around Mexico reinforce this, as well as the fact he is one of the best known and most highly collected painters in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city. Alfredo has also spent a couple extended periods living in Puerto Vallarta, and one of his great, great uncles was the first mayor of PV, with a street in his name downtown, Calle Jesus Langarica

Alfredo Langarica´s oil on canvas paintings range in size from 8 by 10 inches to 5 by 7 feet and have prices from $425 to $5,000 US dollars.  The exhibition will be mounted until February 15th, but an ample display of Langarica`s paintings is always on display at the gallery at its second floor location downtown at 174 Calle Aldama, between Juarez and Morelos Streets. More information may be obtained by calling Galeria Pacifico from 10:30 AM to 7:30  PM from Monday to Saturday at (322) 22 21982 or by emailing GaleriaPacifico@gmail.com.