A couple weeks ago, the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita held a special event for guests and homeowners in Punta Mita called Tacos & Wine. They asked six of their chefs to prepare a unique taco, utilizing ingredients and characteristics from the region of Mexico that they were from. For instance, their Puebla chef made a duck taco with mole sauce, while the chef from Nayarit showcased shrimp for his tantalizing taco. Amazingly, one of the creations produced for the event substituted the ubiquitous tortilla with a thin slice of jicama, delivering a wonderful, unexpected sensation only jicama can provide as you bit into it. Their French chef prepared a wonderful dessert in the form of a taco.

Each taco was superbly paired with a specific wine from Viñedos Malagón, in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico's wine region on the northern part of Baja.

The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita will follow up the event with a new one, involving ice cream. This coming Sunday, July 21, at their main pool, Punta Mita residents and outside guests are welcome to savor all the homemade ice cream they can from 4 - 5 pm, for $9 USD per person. Folks interested in attending should call ahead and make a reservation through the Four Season’s Concierge office by dialing (329) 291-6000 x3733.