As the month of May approaches, we present you with five great reasons to consider visiting Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas during this time of year.

1. Time to celebrate its origins.

May is the month in which Puerto Vallarta celebrates its foundation anniversary as a municipality (May 31, 1918). It is also the month in which it was officially recognized as a city (May 31, 1968). As such, the municipality’s cultural department usually organizes several public events around that particular date. Here are a few tips you should consider.

2. The weather is great.

Yes, we know that it’s feeling warmer and more humid than during the Winter months. But the temperature in Puerto Vallarta during the month is usually warmth enough for sun worshippers, and yet not so humid that outdoor activities become sticky and humid. Check the current Puerto Vallarta weather here.

3. Snowbirds are starting to leave.

This means that restaurants, art galleries and shops are not as crowded as they are during the winter/early spring months, allowing for a more relaxed, laid-back experience, wherever you go. Local businesses will try to entice you with “end of season” sales you may wish to consider.

4. Hotel and condo deals abound.

As the destination prepares for the summer months, many condos available for rent by the week become available at better prices. Hotels usually feature better deals this time of year.

5. There are events and festivals for all tastes!

If you are looking for great deals at local restaurants, try Restaurant Week, May 15 - 31. How about celebrating the bougainvillea, a ubiquitous flower used to landscape many tourist areas in town? Try the Bugambilia Festival, May 9-11. Feeling gay and proud? Vallarta Pride’s celebrations, May 22 - 26, have you covered.