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First Traditional Mexican Food Festival Announced

Published Jun 25, 2014, 3:51pm -


The first ever Traditional Mexican Food Festival will take place in Puerto Vallarta on Sunday, June 29 starting at 9 am at Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. Organized by Miguel Ángel Caliz, a local food and beverage instructor, its goal is to preserve the knowledge and enjoyment of local traditional foods and beverages.

Miguel Ángel Caliz

“The project was born when people began asking ‘what is the traditional food of Vallarta?,’” explains the organizer, who teaches at the Centro de Capacitación para el Trabajo Industrial No. 63 (Industrial Work Training Center No. 63, or CECATI), a school Puerto Vallarta that specializes in tourism and service industry courses. The question is fair, given the fact that many regions of Mexico have specific dishes that are better known among tourists and visitors to said regions, as well as elsewhere.

“We began looking for folks that cook traditional food at home and opened the event to anyone who wanted to participate. Twelve participants took the challenge and they will be evaluated by a panel of judges in several categories.” It is expected that the event will also allow organizers to collect some of the traditional recipes offered and eventually put together a comprehensive catalog that will be made available at the school for generations to come.

People attending the festival will have the opportunity to sample their creations at a cost of $10 to $20 peso per dish. 


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