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El Arrayán Revitalizes Menu and Presents Their New Chef

Published Oct 31, 2008, 4:44pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 5:36pm)

El Arrayán a favorite local Mexican restaurant, recently unveiled its new menu exclusively to VirtualVallarta. The menu has been revitalized to meet the needs of its loyal customer base and new customers will also enjoy it tremendously. Carmen Porras, the young owner of El Arrayán, is also excited to introduce Chef Mariano Valdez Ruiz, who had been working with her for the past few months and has become an integral part of their excellent culinary team. Chef Valdez also contributed to the revitalized menu in conjunction with Porras, jointly creating great results by focusing on improving the flavor of each recipe.

"When people eat here we hope that they take away great memories of the food, and when they think of their experiences that they want to come back to El Arrayán," said Chef Valdez. Over the years, Porras has worked to offer a variety of genuine Mexican dishes preserving the traditional method of preparation, an aspect that had been lost in trying to make the cooking process faster. The arrival of chef Valdez has complemented this objective and will help preserve the wonderful reputation and extensive customer base that El Arrayán has developed.

"Working here gives me the opportunity to be an unstoppable creative force in search of customer satisfaction and that makes me enjoy working here very much! I feel that Mexican cuisine competes with every other cuisine in the world," said the chef who is 31 years old and is a native of Mexico City. He has earned a Gastronomy degree and has worked in restaurants featuring international cuisine, including French and Mexican.

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