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Digital Editions of Vallarta Lifestyles and Art & Home Decor Supplement Now Available

Published Feb 12, 2014, 12:36pm -


Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group has just published the digital edition of its latest issue, Winter/Spring 2014, also known as the Annual Art Issue. “This is the one issue where, year after year, we pay tribute to the visual and performing arts scene currently blossoming throughout Banderas Bay,” commented Paco Ojeda, Managing Editor.

This issue’s centerpiece article is a detailed History of Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon and its Sculptures, penned by Galería Pacífico owner, Gary Thompson. Thompson is known to many for his weekly walking tours through the Malecon, Puerto Vallarta’s scenic boardwalk, describing each and every one of the spectacular sculptures that have been installed there. The print edition of Vallarta Lifestyles only features the first half of the article, focusing on the Malecon itself. A detailed account of all the Malecon sculptures is contained in the second half, which is only available through this year’s annual Art & Home Decor supplement, also available (see below).

To browse this year’s digital edition of Vallarta Lifestyles Art Issue, please click here.

2014 Art & Home Decor Digital-Only Supplement Also Available

Concurrent with the publication of the aforementioned digital edition of Vallarta Lifestyles, the publishing company has also released their 2014 Art & Home Decor Supplement, featuring a guide to some of Puerto Vallarta’s finest art galleries, along with the Vallarta Art Showcase, a catalog of some of the finest works of art presently on display and available for purchase in Vallarta.

The Art & Home Decor Supplement complements Gary Thompson’s article in the print edition with Malecon Sculptures: The Definitive Guide, in which the esteemed gallery owner shares individual accounts and backgrounds on each of the impressive public works of art installed in Puerto Vallarta’s most popular landmark. “Never before has there been a more complete account of the sculptures than what we’ve just produced,” added Ojeda.

To browse the 2014 Digital Art & Home Decor Supplement, please click here.

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