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Daiquiri Dicks offers Virtual Information

Published Feb 14, 2007, 1:00pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 3:21pm)

Catch the second season of Daiquiri Dick’s entertaining virtual menu by stopping outside the restaurant at Olas Altas 314. The television screen is mounted right in the wall. Catch a glimpse of what the chefs are creating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including new menu items. Watch as the staff makes all the preparations for your visit. The virtual menu runs just over eight minutes so you can see something different every time you walk by.

Peter and Tari Bowman, owners of Daiquiri Dick’s, have operated the restaurant for over 25 years and have experimented with many different forms of advertising. Tari says, “This is a great addition to our marketing plan, and it’s fun to see our products and staff on television, which is still a new medium for us.” Tari is also looking for a busy high season, “Hopefully, it will bring the restaurant to more people’s attention as there are many folks who walk by and don’t even know there is a restaurant there.”

Laura Gelezunas, Video Diva Productions, producer of the virtual menu, says, “Restaurant competition in PV is fierce and everyone is looking for an edge and since the city doesn’t have a local tv station, a virtual menu is a way to take a restaurant’s bill of fare and advertising to a whole new level.” Stop by and check it out, Olas Altas 314, Restaurant Daiquiri Dick’s or call for reservations or more info at 222 0566. Plus, look for more Daiquiri Dick’s videos on their web site www.ddpv.com

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