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Cork+Bottle Announces Spanish Wine Tasting

Published Dec 19, 2012, 1:58pm - (Updated Jan 28, 2013, 5:43pm)


With so many varieties to choose from, selecting a good bottle of wine in Puerto Vallarta can be a daunting experience. Cork+Bottle, a local wine specialty shop located at Los Mercados takes some of the pressure away by hosting ongoing wine tasting events, the next of which will take place on Thursday, December 20, at 7 pm. Nina Goodhope who runs the shop, will present six of her favorite wines from Spain, including one white, three reds, one sparkling wine and a dessert wine. In addition, small bites will be available to cleanse your palate during the tasting.

The wine tasting takes place at Los Mercados’ cozy courtyard starting at 7:30 pm (Los Mercados will close at 7 pm that evening). The price is $350 pesos per person and making a reservation by calling (322) 222-2806 is strongly recommended. Los Mercados is located at Aquiles Serdán 265 in Emiliano Zapata.

If you have not explored Los Mercados' excellent offerings while exploring Emiliano Zapata, hopefully the 360º panoramic image below will pique your curiosity! 

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