Author, professor and speaker Jacques-Eduard Beaulne, a lawyer at Can-Am-Mex, has just announced a conference Mexican law to take place Sunday, January 19. The topics include discussion of important existing and news Mexican laws. Beaulne studied Law for 6 years at the Law Faculty (Civil section) of  the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Capital of Canada and at the Law Faculty of the "Université de Montréal" in Montréal, Québec, Canada, graduating with honours. Some of the topics he will cover during the conference include:

The conference will take place January 19 at 2 pm, at the CANACO Building, Morelia 138 Altos, in Colonia Versalles. It has a two-hour duration, plus a one hour period for questions. Cost to attend is $20 USD per person, $35 USD for couples. For more information and reservations, please email can-am-mex@hotmail.com.