Traditional Mexican art collectors and the public in general will have a unique opportunity to meet two of Mexico’s most successful wood carving artists, Jacobo and María Ángeles, this coming Wednesday, February 26, at Kevin Simpson’s Colectika gallery. While there is an entire current of Mexican folk artists that carve wood, there are none that take the art form to such level of delicate detail as Jacobo and María Ángeles do, as will be attested during this particular event, in which they will demonstrate their commitment to bringing out unique and fantastic figures out of bare pieces of copal wood. In addition, the artists create natural pigments out of a variety of ingredients to develop a broad color palette with which they decorate their one-of-a-kind pieces with painstaking detail. The couple comes from a family of wood carving artists in a town called San Martin Tilcajete, in the state of Oaxaca, where they have preserved time-honored techniques and traditions from their ancestors. By the same token, they invest a fair amount of time training other members of their family to continue their artistry in generations to come.

“Their fame preceeds them,” commented Colectika owner, Kevin Simpson, who makes annual trips to remote villages to work directly with some of Mexico’s finest folk art creators. “This will be their third visit to Puerto Vallarta in the six or seven years I have been working with them, and we anticipate that it will be a very successful evening.” The gallery owner also comments on how many people often have a misconception that Mexican folk art consists of primitive, crude pieces. “It is very important that people appreciate that this latest generation of folk artists are taking their work to the finest levels of contemporary or modern art, worthy of exhibitions at the finest art galleries, worldwide.”

The event will take place in the evening, in conjunction with the weekly Art Walk. Colectika is located at Guadalupe Sánchez 852, in El Centro. For more information about Colectika, please click here.