Puerto Vallarta-based Clinica Santa Barbara, a local, non-profit rehabilitation clinic with the mission of providing a better quality of life to physically challenged children and adults with limited resources, is looking for people to get involved with their pursuits through sharing success stories. One of such stories involves a child called Katy.

Katy can walk today thanks to Clinica Santa Barbara. Although, the future didn’t seem so bright for her a few years ago. She was born with infantile cerebral paralysis affecting her arms and both legs. Resources were scarce. She lives in a one-parent family with her brother. It seemed impossible for her mother to get treatment for Katy’s handicap due to the cost of rehabilitation and her low income from cleaning houses and growing vegetables. 

Katy with her mom.

The Clinica Santa Barbara became aware of Katy’s plight and agreed to treat her for free. The treatment involved almost 600 painstaking sessions over a four-year period (2 to 3 sessions per week) accompanied by unfailing support and encouragement from Katy’s mother and grandparents.

The success is there for all to see. Today Katy is 6 years old and can walk!

Katy is just one of subsidized and free treatment patients who represent about 35% of the average 45 patients treated daily by the clinic. 

Clinica Santa Barbara provides quality physical therapy care for patients suffering from physical or brain diseases, victims of accidents, or children born with malformations. The clinic, which is registered as a non-profit organization, has a policy that low-income patients pay just a small contribution towards the cost of their treatment and some who cannot afford anything pay nothing at all. The clinic relies on donations to finance the subsidized and free treatment it offers. 

Visitors and locals hoping to see for themselves how so much is achieved with so little can participate in visits to the clinic (located near Plaza Peninsula in Puerto Vallarta) to see first hand the work being done. 

The first visit is on February 27 and the second on March 13, both at 11am. Please register your interest with David Brodetsky by phone or email (322) 150-5057, david.brodetsky@gmail.com indicating the date you prefer and the number of people who will attend.

If you are unable to attend but would like to help people like Katy, your contribution will be very much appreciated. As a guide, a contribution of just 450 pesos (34 USD) will cover the cost of treating a patient for one week and 1,800 pesos (137 USD) one month’s treatment.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact either Laura Lopez or Ely Torres (322) 224-2754 vallartarehabilitacion001@hotmail.com (Spanish) or David Brodetsky (322) 150-5057 david.brodetsky@gmail.com (English).

Visit the clinic's website for more information.