Canadian artists Dessie Jeanne Marshall and Dana Pettem will be bringing their remarkable talents together for the first time, in a one night celebration of environmental art at Cafe Coexist, in Hotel Rio. The show will be held the evening of February 28 from 8 pm to midnight. It will feature an entirely new fine art form created by Marshall, who reveals intricate images by carving the surfaces of plant leaves. The show will also feature interior design pieces created by Dana Pettem, using natural materials such as shell tile and agate. Cafe Coexist will be offering a welcome cocktail to those who attend.


Having been in the planning stages for the past year, this event promises to elicit a collective gasp of astonishment from the art, as there are virtually no other artists in the area, and very few in the world, who have chosen to use plant leaves as canvas. When reached for comment, Hotel Rio’s Evelina Chavez replied, “It isn’t every day that one can witness the arrival of a new art form, and we are excited to be participating in its presentation.”

“I look at the leaves and they reveal images to me,” explains the artist, who has already amassed an international fan base in her relatively short artistic career. “Then I patiently carve them using my own process, such that no two pieces are alike.” She plans to unveil her new collection of previously unreleased work on the 28.

For those interested in stunning interior design, the exhibition space will also feature luxury handmade tables and frames by Dana Pettem. Like Marshall’s, her pieces are all one-of-a-kind and use elements of light and texture to stand out among the finest of interior designers.

This event is sure to be a pleasant surprise for anyone seeking an experience outside the ordinary in the Puerto Vallarta area. For more information, visit the artist's website. Cafe Coexist is located at Morelos 170, El Centro, only two short blocks from Puerto Vallarta's Main Plaza.