Internationally respected news provider CNN, recently announced that our popular local restaurant, Cafe de Artistes, was voted one of the top 22 restaurants in Mexico. At the forefront of their Franco-Mexican fusion cuisine is Cafe de Artistes’ Chef Thierry Blouet. Renowned for his aesthetic perfection in presentation, Chef Blouet was admitted to the circle of "Maîtres Cuisiniers of France" in 2000 - a group of 40 French chefs who wield this title, which is the highest in the world of gastronomy. Cafe de Artistes offers delicious Mexican cuisine made with French techniques.

This restaurant is located within a beautiful hundred-year-old home that stands out for its inner courtyard filled with greenery. The menu is exquisite and the service is attentive and knowledgeable. Their wine cellar boasts fine vintages from several countries and includes an impressive selection of fine Mexican wine.

¡Felicidades Chef Blouet and Cafe de Artistes!