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Brewster Brockmann, Currently Showing at Galeria Pacifico

Published Feb 25, 2014, 12:25pm - (Updated Apr 29, 2014, 4:55pm)


After a break of a year, Brewster Brockmann will be inaugurating his twelfth solo exhibit in thirteen years at Galeria Pacifico during the Downtown Wednesday Art Walk from 6:00 to10:00 PM on February 26, with a follow up cocktail on March 5, both with the artist in attendance.  Brockmann is one of the most highly regarded and collected artists in Puerto Vallarta, and he will be presenting over forty drawings, paintings, and sculptures in terra cotta and cast bronze through March 25.

Brockmann's paintings can appear primitive and sophisticated at the same time and seem to cross categories. It has been referred to as, "stream of consciousness organic expressionism." He starts painting with a very general concept, and the process evolves with last minute adjustments, sometimes adding something, but just as likely partially obscuring elements through opaque washes, or painting out portions totally. There are layers of visual interest that provide hints of the artist's intent, as in looking in on fragments of the same dream. His sculptures are less spontaneous, but also reflecting a lifelong fascination with nature and primitive cultures, as well as a respect for the honesty of ageless design.  He has a Masters degree in ceramics from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy near Detroit, Michigan, which has state of the art computerized equipment. However, in Mexico he digs his own clay in the mountains, drives through a river to get to his jungle studio, and uses a wood fired kiln he built with his brother, also a painter and sculptor. The family artistic gene pool also includes his mother, an aunt, and a first cousin who paint professionally. His is father is an acclaimed architect still painting on weekends. In fact his parents first met while both were art students at the Rhode island School of Design.

Brewster Brockmann benefits from this strong artistic heritage, but he has combined this with his own instincts and experiences to create a personal visual vocabulary that speaks for him uniquely.

Galeria Pacifico also represents Hugo Barajas, Ramiz Barquet, Jim Demetro, Luis Espiridion, Roberto Vazquez, Mathis Lidice, Virginia Aparicio, Magdiel Perez, Juan Excurdia, and David Leonardo among others. In addition, the gallery sponsors the popular Malecon Sculpture Walk every Tuesday morning at 9:30. More information on Galeria Pacifico can be found here.


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