The CasaMagna Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta and US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor are once again joining forces to host the 9th International Altruism Festival, this year on May 5. As in previous years, the festival is an open invitation to locals and visitors to support 24 benefiting charities through the admission price, $300 pesos. The event features a wide range of activities, including food demonstrations and offerings from more than 40 of Puerto Vallarta’s finest restaurants, live music and dance and cultural presentations. In addition, each charity is given the opportunity to host a display at the festival to provide attendees additional information about their mission and to highlight the great impact they are having on Puerto Vallarta.

But what truly sets this event apart is the fact that 100 percent of the admission price is distributed evenly among participating agencies, highlighting CasaMagna Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to supporting community-based events and fundraisers throughout the year. For more information, please contact Lourdes Bizarro at (322) 226-0048 or visit their Facebook page.