ActII Entertainment, the local theater production company responsible for locally-produced hits such as The Rocky Horror Show, and musical revues, such as Suddenly Sondheim, has signed a lease to take over the second story of the building located at the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes, in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. Presently, the building is home to two street-level restaurants. Once the upper levels are completed and conditioned, the entertainment complex will feature three separate “areas” or venues, greatly enhancing the already popular neighborhood.

“I have been looking at the building from my window for four years,” explains Danny Mininni of ActII Entertainment. “We had been looking for a new space to develop our projects for some time. And when we visited the space for the first time, the entire project unfolded in our minds within seconds. One month later, the lease is signed!”

The construction process is expected to go on through the Summer months with a target opening date of November, 2013. When the new entertainment complex opens, guests will be able to enjoy a 170-seat traditional theater, (the Main Stage) where musical shows and traditional plays will be presented. A piano bar, called Encore, will feature nightly piano playing starting at 5 pm. “It will have a comfortable, living room style, for people to feel like they are at home,” explains Mininni. Finally, the cabaret (Red Room) will feature stand-up comedy acts similar to those featured at The Palm.

ActII’s plans are ambitious, to say the least, but organizers have received nothing but praise and support from those in the know, including investors, who would like to see Puerto Vallarta develop more of a name for itself as a live performance and entertainment hub in Mexico. For more information on ActII Entertainment’s activities, click here