Act II Entertainment recently announced upcoming performances in their entertainment complex by soul singer DeNita Asberry, who will be presenting a tribute to Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. Originally from Detroit, the artist has travelled throughout the world and is well known for her electrifying imitations of said artists. She started performing onstage as a child and by the time she turned 16, she was already touring with a rock band. DeNita Asberry begins her run on January 21.

Also at Act II, the talented comedic imitators Bonnie Kilroe and Barg Oliver are presently performing Viva Las Divas, a tour de force in which they offer their take on 16 show business divas, including Barbra Streisand, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and several others.

For more information on these and other performances, visit Act II Entertainment’s website.