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Tennis Stars to Visit Puerto Vallarta

Published Jun 24, 2009, 11:23am - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:19pm)

The Mexican Davis Cup Team led by Jorge Lozano will complete their final round of training in Puerto Vallarta from July 1 - 5, 2009, in an event that will promote our city internationally due to the status of the players. This is the first time that a team of this calibre has completed their training season in our city. In addition to Lozano, the team is composed of Santiago Gonzalez, Luis Flores, Miguel Gallardo and Cesar Ramirez. The organization has also invited two young tennis players to evaluate their talents and explore the possibility of supporting them in the next world junior tennis competition.

This information was announced at a press conference in the presence of Puerto Vallarta Mayor Javier Bravo and local tennis promoter Martin Parra. Both stressed the fact that in recent years, the Mexican Tennis Federation has provided ongoing support to Puerto Vallarta for events such as this, which will be covered by national press and open to the general public.

It is important to note that the municipal government will also sponsor in conjunction with Jalisco's Tourism Office, the costs of the sporting event called "Master Internacional de Tenis." This event is part of the serial Outback Championship, with the participation of tennis legends such as John McEnroe, Max Wilander, Jim Courier, Pat Cash, Pete Sampras, in addition to the Mexican stars Luis Enrique Herrera and Jorge Lozano.

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