Our friend and colleague Allyson Williams of JaltembaBayLife.com, has just penned an updated article on Jaltemba Bay, a beautiful destination of its own located less than 90 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. "I have been working on this article for about a year now," she commented. For people that live and visit Puerto Vallarta, Jaltemba Bay is an interesting day-trip, and even an overnight experience. And for those without their own vehicle, a trip to this beautiful destination can be maneuvered by taking a bus at Puerto Vallarta's Bus Terminal. To make things easier, however, Astrid Van Dam of Superior Tours now offers a day trip to several North Shore destinations on Thursdays, which are mercado days in La PeƱita de Jaltemba.

We are grateful to Allyson for letting us know of her new feature article! You can read it in by visiting her website, which, along with VirtualVallarta.com and several others, is part of our Responsible Journalism consortium. Finally, don't forget to read our own article on Jaltemba Bay!