We were so thrilled to learn that the Saturday Market Co-Op on Púlpito St., Emiliano Zapata, is now open year-around, we caught up with its founder, Sid Goodman, to learn more about this market’s offerings. Two specific things make the Saturday Market Co-Op unique: it is located in a roofed location, making summer weather much more pleasant—for vendors and shoppers—than other farmers markets in the region. Also, the Saturday Market Co-Op blends fresh, organic products with unique handcrafted items produced by local vendors, which adds an extra layer of fun to the shopping experience.

The Saturday Market Co-Op is located within the Paradise Community Center at Púlpito 127 (between Amapas and Olas Altas Sts.) in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. Learn more about the Saturday Market Co-Op by visiting its website. Watch this brief, two-minute video and discover some of the items you can find at the market!