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Virtual Tour: The Peter Gray Art Museum

Published Jun 7, 2013, 8:47am -


Located within the local Guadalajara University campus in Ixtapa (known in Spanish as Centro Universitario de la Costa, or CUC), the Peter Gray Art Museum is considered one of Puerto Vallarta's most treasured and underrated secrets by visual arts devotees. It was founded in 2002 by the late Peter Gray, who, along with his wife Buri, decided to donate their personal art collection for the benefit of future generations of university students and the Puerto Vallarta citizenship at large. Its collection includes representative art produced by local artists from each of the last six decades, along with that of new and promising artists. The museum also features special exhibitions through the year, and a unique program designed to bring elementary school students into the campus to experience the museum, learn basic painting and collage techniques, and engage with local artists who volunteer their time and expertise to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

To enjoy this 360º panoramic tour, simply let it spin on its own, or use your mouse to move through the image. You will notice an upward arrow on the museum door. Clicking on the arrow will allow you to "step" into the museum to enjoy the next image. Continue in this fashion through the five 360º images included here.

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