A couple weeks ago, we began reporting on Summer in Vallarta, in what will hopefully become a series of news items and features that will help celebrate the fact that life goes on quite successfully here, at least for some of us, during this time of year. There is no denying it: Summer in Puerto Vallarta has a bad rap due to the decrease in tourism we experience, which takes place while the temperature, humidity and rains increase. This, however, does not stop activity altogether. For those of us that live in work in town, it is business and usual, for the most part. And for an increasing number of savvy travelers, Summer brings forth refreshing opportunity to experience Banderas Bay in a different light, while taking advantage of value packages offered by local businesses, from hotels to restaurants and so forth. "We will continue to search for positive, Summer success stories, and share them with our increasing fan base," commented Vallarta Lifestyles Managing Editor, Paco Ojeda. "Hopefully other news agencies will join in our effort."

We also invited our Facebook readers to share their experiences with us. To that effect, we feature a very nice letter to the editor, sent by Roger Dubois, who is an independent consultant in town. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive outlook with us, Roger!

Dear editor,

Since I moved here from Montreal eight years ago, I never had a dull moment. Summer here is another lifestyle completely different from the Winter season energy and buzz that we all experience. First or all, working in Real Estate and Rentals keeps you very busy from November to the end of April. Add to that all your friends and family visiting during the cold snowy months and when summer comes it is like a blessing for me. I wake up each morning thinking how peaceful and relax the town is. I can actually hear the birds and smell the roses. All of a sudden we turn into serene people, strolling down the Malecon without feeling any pressure. I love to watch people gossiping about what happen during the high season sitting on the Malecon. No rush we have time now. You start taking care of yourself, get the pedicure and massage all your guests enjoyed when they visited but that you never have the time for! Go jogging by the beach and reconnect with the local people that during the high season you can briefly salute on the corner of the street.

And yes, I actually enjoy the beach with friends sipping wine and swimming. The water is warm, no big waves, service is exquisite, the sun is there and we can park anywhere. What else can I say, I love summer here because life is so easy, there is no waiting line, prices drop and people are available again to meet. It’s the time to BBQ with your friends or just watch a movie at the amazing Theaters that will cool you off when you need it. This is my time to catch up, re-organize my life, reset and reboot! This is the season when I make new decisions and start planning my next high season. It keeps me busy without any external pressure.

For those lucky ones with an ocean view they can watch the spectacular thunder storm and watch the rain fall with nothing to do but relax!!! When the first rain comes, who doesn’t enjoy the smell of the steaming cobble stones street! Everything then turn green in a flash. You wake up and see the trees growing faster than you can keep up with. I can take care of my garden, trim it, replant and watch it grow without looking at my watch. I actually don’t wear my watch in the summer because it’s stick to my arm and I don’t care about the time as much.

Yes it is hot and humid so when I can’t handle it anymore here are my options; turn on the AC for the lucky ones, a cold shower or a swim in the ocean that are 2 blocks away from my front door! Really we need to adapt and learn how to appreciate all the beauty of this magnificent town which is Puerto Vallarta. I always go to Canada in August for a month to see my family and get some fresh air. I end up staying inside everyone’s house because it’s either raining or too cold. In the last airplane from Mexico to Vallarta I get a FREE shot of Tequila from a Happy and Warm Mexican flight attendant, thanks to Aero Mexico, the only airline that still offers you a drink before you land! I look out the little window and say to myself, wow this is so breathtaking. God it’s good to be HOME!

Are you having a great time in Puerto Vallarta during the summer? Do you have a success story to share with us? Please send us an email message to editor@mexmags.com.