Next Saturday, March 23rd, Los Mangos Library opens its doors at 6:30 p.m. to fill the night with light, art, movement, color, and intense, creative energy in Emergente, an exhibition of alternative art, art as you may have never seen before in this city.

One of the most important objectives at Los Mangos is to allow for a variety of cultural expressions, putting them within the community's reach, to enrich and strengthen values such as respect, integrity, creativity and character. Faced with lack of spaces dedicated to the exposure of diverse, rising young artists, long-time Los Mangos collaborator Gabriela MunguĂ­a has created an event in conjunction with Puerto Vallarta's Institute of Culture to allow for these artists to share their creativity, influenced by global art trends. 

This special exhibition has been envisioned as a party for the senses, an opportunity to meet with people and art that proposes, touches, affects, and widens our vision.

Artistic expressions, such as paintings, photography, etchings, music, short films, object-art, and video projections will be exhibited in the library and its gardens. Learn more about the actual exhibitors by visiting the event's Facebook page.

Los Mangos Library is located at Francisco Villa 1001, Col. Los Mangos, near COSTCO.

Source: Los Mangos