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Galería Pacífico Announces Magdiel Perez’s Exhibition

Published Mar 6, 2013, 2:41pm -


Galeria Pacifico will feature a solo exhibition of the stunning paintings of Magdiel Perez with a cocktail inauguration on Wednesday, March 6, from 6 to 10 pm during the weekly El Centro Art Walk. Perez is a highly acclaimed artist, not only in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, but throughout Mexico and internationally. He has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Mexico, as well as in Spain, the United States, Guatemala and Germany over the last twenty years.

Although Perez is well traveled and educated as well as formally trained in art, his work has the basic feeling of outsider or primitive art. His imagery includes animals such as dogs and horses as well as basic outlines of the human form and a frequent focus on images of trees that seem to symbolize the strength and diversity of life. There is a spiritual feeling to the paintings and a hint of the mystery of ancient times and civilizations. Perez almost exclusively utilizes the technique of encaustic painting that incorporates the use of a hard wax along with the oils and pigments placed on the canvas, board or paper upon which he paints. This gives a special patina and texture to the work that simultaneously enhances an ancient feeling as well as a timeless mood, as in from off the wall of a cave in Arles to on the wall of a penthouse in Manhattan.

The exhibit is entitled, Espacio del Sueño, or “Space of the Dream,” a title that was partly inspired by a famous quote from Pablo Picasso: Everything you can imagine exists. “Like dreams, the space of a painting has its own laws, a plane where the phenomena of reality is reproduced or represented, but not subject to the laws of physics, gravity for example. Many images of a painting come unconsciously from a dream or are inspired by a human being that dreams while the painter works on his canvas. The painter carries those dream images somehow, and they enter through his eyes, cross his brain and his heart and pass to his hands onto the canvas, and there they are reproduced and gather back together,” the artist explains.

The exhibition will remain mounted until March 26, but Galeria Pacifico always maintains an ample display of paintings by Magdiel Perez. The gallery’s spacious second floor facility is located in Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro, at  Aldama 174, between Juarez and Morelos Streets.

Pacifico also sponsors the free Malecon Sculpture Walking Tours conducted by owner Gary Thompson that occur every Tuesday morning at 9:30 from mid-November through mid-April. More information on the tour or the Magdiel Perez exhibit may be obtained by visiting the gallery Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM and by appointment, or by calling (322) 222 1982 or emailing  GaleriaPacifico@gmail.com.

Source: Gary Thompson


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