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Upcoming Bird Festival, Announced in Puerto Vallarta

Published Feb 11, 2013, 12:32pm -


The Vallarta Bird Conservancy announced this year's Bird Festival, to take place from March 7-10. It's mission, to promote conservation, education and awareness of tropical and migratory birds in Banderas Bay and Cabo Corrientes areas of Jalisco, Mexico for the benefit of locals and visitors from around the world. Hosted by the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, this 4 day event will feature guided tours, presentations, and lectures for a wonderful opportunity to view, learn and enjoy the wonderful birds in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes area.

Greg R. Homel , the keynote speaker and guide, is an award-winning ornithologist, an international nature photo journalist, documentary film producer, and lecturer.  Greg along with other professional international guides including Alex Martinez, Carlos Bonilla, Neil Gerlowski, William Tractenberg, Luis Morales, Sandra Gallo-Corona, Paul Hart, Stephen Shunk, and Dr. Tiberio Monterrubio, will be leading tours and/or giving lectures. 

Tours include the Vallarta Botanical Gardens,  Rancho Primavera, Bioto Road, Provincia Road, Laguna del Quelele, El Salado, and El Jorullo, searching for the Military Macaw.  These tours encompass a wide variety of areas and birds, a privately owned wildlife sanctuary, scenic rural roads high in the mountains with tropical dry forest and ranch lands, a little-known mangrove ecosystem in Nuevo Vallarta, the protected wildlife reserve in Puerto Vallarta and the hunt to see the protected magnificent Military Macaw.

And for those that would like to learn to photograph these beautiful birds, there is a bird photography workshop. Birds you may see include the San Blas Jay, Masked Tityra, Russet-crowned Motmot, Black-vented Oriole, Nutting’s Flycatcher, Grey-crowned Woodpecker, Mexican Hermit, Elegant Quail, Rufous-necked Wood-Rail, and the Boat-billed Heron to name only a few.  These tours are sure to please every level of birder.  

Also at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, attendees will find a registration table, festival merchandise, a photo exhibit,  displays and birding merchandise. 

Space is limited on all tours so register early. Go online and sign up now, and be sure to mark your calendars for this great event.  For more information visit www.vallartabirdfestival.org or email puertovallartabirdfestival@gmail.com.

Source: Patrick Harrison

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