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State Champion Folk Dance Troupe Visits Puerto Vallarta

Published Jan 23, 2013, 3:20pm -


The award-winning Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos Folkloric Dance Troupe will offer a one-time performance at Teatro Vallarta this coming Sunday, January 27, at 6 pm, providing visitors and locals a rare opportunity to enjoy a spectacular production showcasing some of Mexico’s most popular and traditional dances.

Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos is both a town and a municipality south of Guadalajara, the state’s capital. Its dance troupe was founded in 1987 when several dancing couples decided to put together a group that would represent the municipality. Throughout the years, the ensemble has endeavored to research, preserve and perform some of Mexico’s most traditional choreographies.

Since its inception, the Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos Folkloric Dance Troupe has garnered important awards, including the Rafael Zamarripa award, the highest state-wide recognition, which the ensemble has won in five different years. Co-directed by Salvador Luna Peña, General Manager for Teatro Vallarta, and Ma. Guadalupe Hernadez Garcia, together they strongly reinforce the company’s trajectory, through an exhaustive research in folklore and, strive to achieve an innovative and mature vision of Mexico’s folklore.

As part of their 25th anniversary, they will be performing staples from their repertory, including the following montages:

  • Pre-hispanic Maya Cosmology (Honorable mention State Prize)
  • Jalisco 18th century (“Rafael Zamarripa” 2011, 1st place)
  • Michoacán Purepecha (“Rafael Zamarripa” 2009, 1st place )
  • Christmas Purepecha (“Rafael Zamarripa” 2010, 1st place)
  • Dance of the deer (featuring Salvador Luna Peña)
  • Vaqueria Yucateca (“Rafael Zamarripa”2006, 1st place)
  • Dance of the Moros and the Christians (“Rafael Zamarripa” 2005, 1st place)
  • Jalisco Gala

Tickets for this unique performance are only $100 pesos per person, available through Ticketmaster, or at Teatro Vallarta's box office. Teatro Vallarta is located at Uruguay 184, in El Centro.

Travelers visiting Puerto Vallarta, looking for a glimpse of authentic Mexican dance traditions, cannot get a better value than this onetime performance!—Editor


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