Partnering with New York City-based photographer, Oscar Linares, Puerto Vallarta artist Sergio Hernandez developed a series of payaso, or clown portraits, that became the basis for his upcoming show, to open at Contempo on Friday, January 25, as part of the Basilio Badillo Southside Shuffle.

The multi-versed artist is renowned locally for exploring a wide variety of artistic outlets, from painting and photography to furniture and jewelry design. The Hernandez/Linares’ show, titled “The Inclusion of Fantasy,” will be unlike any other you have seen and the first time Hernández has exhibited in the past 10 years of intense experimentation. A complete concept, it features photography, paintings, drawings, furniture and more.

Galería Contempo is located at Basilio Badillo 252 in Colonia Emiliano Zapata.