The wait is over! After years in the making, the new Los Muertos Pier will open to the public for the first time this coming Friday, January 4, in a celebration that will take place 5:30 - 9 pm, according to Municipal Tourism Director, Carlos Gerard Guzmán. All are welcome to attend.

The towering structure features a metallic mesh sculpture in the shape of a sail, a circular promenade from which visitors and locals will be able to enjoy the surrounding view, and a multi level access area for passengers to board vessels of various sizes. In addition, the new pier features a sophisticated lighting system that offers an ever-changing color display. Several photos of the lighting system being tested have already circulated around the Internet, promising that the new pier will quickly become a popular, new landmark for Puerto Vallarta.

According to Gerard, the municipal government is also hoping to launch a cultural festival every year at the beginning of January, to mark the inauguration of the new pier. Although no new details have emerged, it is expected that the Rodolfo Gómez St. block between Los Muertos Beach and Olas Altas St. will eventually be closed to vehicular traffic, becoming a gardened access to the pier, another boom for the increasingly popular Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

UPDATE! Here is the events schedule: