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VirtualVallarta.com’s Top Ten News Stories of 2012

Published Dec 26, 2012, 3:39pm -


Time flies when you're having fun. In all of 2012, we researched and produced 180 news items that we shared with you, our faithful reader, in VirtualVallarta.com. Subsequently, we sent them to your inbox in 47 email newsletters. All through the year, our editorial staff scoured through Puerto Vallarta-related news sources, hoping to showcase the most important news of events that take place in our destination. This is no easy task, considering the fact that our readers’ interests are as varied as the many wonderful things that take place here. Based on the traffic reports we receive from our weekly email newsletter provider, here are the top news stories of the year, beginning with the one that received the most clicks.

1. Photo Essay: Los Muertos Pier

Yes, it's taken much longer than anticipated to complete. Now it's finally complete! (Well... almost finally!)

2. What is Safer: Mexico or the US

Back in May, Lonely Planet's US Travel Editor, Robert Reid, wrote an interesting opinion piece for the Huffington Post, putting Mexico's violence in perspective, when compared to that of the US. Definitely worth revisiting!

3. Jala-PV Highway Progress Report

Another important infrastructure project a long time in the making, the shortened route from Guadalajara is something that we will continue monitoring, in response to our readers' keen interest.

4. Casa Cupula Showcased by Trip Advisor

We couldn't be happier that our friends at Casa Cupula were listed among the "Top Trendiest Hotels in Mexico" back in January!

5. Trip Advisor Awards Local Hotels

The travel and opinion giant bestowed several local hotels with their "Certificate of Excellence" in June.

6. New Isla Rio Cuale Pedestrian Bridge

We always smile when we get a good response to stories in which we bring you current photographs of improvements around Puerto Vallarta! Our Isla Rio Cuale pedestrian bridge was no exception.

7. New Ongoing Mexican Fiesta Announced

Who doesn't enjoy a good fiesta? The folks at the Vallarta Centro A.C. association have been organizing these ongoing traditional fairs at Parque Lázaro Cárdenas with increased success. Like all good ideas, however, they need all the support they can get. Get involved!

8. Los Muertos Pier Construction in Progress

Back in June, the new Los Muertos Pier was starting to take shape. This was our first update, and we were pleased then, as we are now, to notice our readers' interest in this new Puerto Vallarta landmark.

9. Hilton Opens in Puerto Vallarta

Originally announced in 2011, the Hilton welcomed its first guests in October of this year.

10 PV & Riviera Nayarit Fare Well in Travel + Leisure Awards

Another travel industry giant, Travel + Leisure readers gave several local hotels a favorable nod.

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