“The earth’s current rate of extinction is greater than at any other time since the dinosaurs disappeared around 65 million years ago,” begins an article by Carlos Alcos, recently published in the hugely popular Matador Network, an independent media company and nexus of travel culture, worldwide. Titled 21 endangered animals you should see before they’re gone, the article features beautiful photographs of such species, such as the Western Gorilla, whose natural habitat includes Cameroon, Central African Republic, and the Giant Tortoise, found in the Galapagos Islands.

The list, of course, includes the Humpback Whale, a species that can be sighted in Banderas Bay every winter, an opportunity that no visitor should take for granted while exploring our destination.

To read Matador’s excellent article and discover all 21 endangered species, please click here. To learn more about whalewatching opportunities in Banderas Bay, we have excellent reference information in our own Whale Watching Section. For many other activities, don't forget to browse our Activity Section!