Last week, PEACE launched their Student Sponsorship Program to benefit the PEACE Alternative School, which serves as the primary education center for 19 students between the ages of 8-16yrs old. Each of these students has a unique and compelling story. Some come from abusive homes or large families that can barely afford to put food on the table.  Some struggle with behavioral, physical or learning disabilities. Some have gone their whole lives without setting foot into a classroom and need the chance to catch up with their peers.

These children would be forgotten if not for the PEACE Alternative School, and your support!

The cost of education for each student is $150 US per month or $1350 US per year. Please help us to ensure that each of these students is given the opportunity to receive an education and better their lives!

Last year, four Alternative School graduates were enrolled in the local high school while another four students were reintegrated into the public school system.

The PEACE Alternative School began in response to a number of challenges facing local students. In the Punta de Mita area, there are significant number of children that drop out of school or have never attended formal schooling.  Some children cannot be integrated into school because they do not have basic literacy skills, social  skills or previous experience in formal schooling.  In addition, public schools in the area lack special education departments and families can´t afford to commute to nearby cities.  As a result of these issues, a number of children  are excluded from formal education.

The PEACE Alternative School provides “at-risk” students with a holistic education that includes:

The students from the PEACE Alternative School:

For more information please contact ceci@peacemexico.org

If you would like to sponsor a student, please visit https://donate.peacemexico.org/