Taste @ Casa Cupula has re-opened for the season with a new commitment to satisfying your hunger without guilt. Executive Chef Oscar Rito is forging a new direction in sourcing local and organic ingredients, for the freshest food that tastes so good, it’s hard to believe it is healthy. A three “Taste” dinner menu is only $269 pesos—prices are accessible, so diners won’t feel guilty about breaking their budgets.

Taste is also introducing a new website at www.taste.com.mx, where you’ll find a new menu with many new dishes to complement old favorites.

“We believe that respecting our clients’ health goes beyond the cleanliness of our kitchen, all the way to where the ingredients are grown or raised,” said Chef Rito. “We spent the summer seeking out the best local sources of farm-fresh, organically raised quality ingredients which are featured in many of our new menu items.”

A good example is Rito’s new Grilled Lobster, with Tuito arrayán jam and toasted tortillas. It represents three regions of the bay. The lobster is from La Cruz, in a good size that allows for a great price. It is cooked on the grill and lightly smoked in the traditional Zarandeado style. It is then caramelized with homemade arrayán jelly (mytle in English), a typical local fruit which grows in our mountains.

Toasted tortillas are also typical of the region.  When toasted the tortilla inflates, creating a unique texture. It is covered with fresh cheese produced in the magical village of El Tuito. The entire dish is accompanied by locally grown microgreens. These unique, fresh, and nutritious green sprouts are known for their color and high vitamin and mineral content, and may include beets, arugula, cilantro or corn.

Each of their dishes uses local products and non-industrialized fresh ingredients produced by the hands of the workers and offering them directly from their place of origin to our plate at your table.

 Chef Oscar Rito

According to the FDA in the US, “Food-animal antibiotic consumption dwarfs human medical use” by a ratio of 4:1.   While pesticides and chemicals used on our foods are supposed to be safe, the according to the USDA, “organic produce carries significantly fewer pesticide residues than does conventional produce.”  Organic meats like chicken, pork and beef are hormone-free.

Beyond that, Rito recognizes that supporting local purveyors not only contributes to the local economy, but provides fresher ingredients. Futhermore, it is environmentally preferably to source locally, avoiding the costs and pollution from long distance transportation.

Rito is fast becoming one of Mexico’s most celebrated chefs. In Europe, Rito served in several Michelin 3 Star restaurants including what was considered by many as the world’s best restaurant “El Bulli” under Chef Ferran Adria in Catalonia Spain. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of Mexico in Puebla in 2001, where he won several international competitions. Chef Rito was previously Executive Sous Chef at the Fiesta Americana Grand in Los Cabos, and at NH Hotels in Puebla and Mexico City. He is Chief Instructor at the Instituto de Gastronomia FrancoMexicana, and founded theculinaryprojects.com catering in Puerto Vallarta. His second full season in residence at Taste is a great fit: international boutique tastes in an international luxury boutique hotel.

Taste’s kitchen space was doubled this summer, with new equipment for better quality production.  New for the season is poolside dining at night by torchlight, at Casa Cupula’s newly renovated main pool deck.  Clients may also request private dining in one of our new luxury pool cabanas, which at night are outfitted with tables for up to 4 diners.

Taste is open for dinner from 6pm-11pm Monday to Saturday.  A gourmet breakfast and lunch menu poolside are also available. Taste’s legendary Sunday Mimosa brunch is open to the public from 10am to 2pm.