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Summer Hotel Occupancy Increases in Puerto Vallarta

Published Sep 19, 2012, 1:38pm -


Puerto Vallarta increased its hotel occupancy by 10% this summer season and doubled Mexico’s hotel occupancy growth rate of 4% with an 8.97% increase according Mexico’s Tourism Secretary, SECTUR. The international destination and jewel of the Pacific had 62.18% hotel occupancy in 2011 compared to 71.75% during this year's summer season, July 2 to August 19.

Puerto Vallarta nearly tripled the amount of rooms occupied per day when compared to other international Mexican destinations with a 16.77% jump from 7,022 to 8,199 rooms. The increase surpases the amounts reported by Cancun (6.26%) and Los Cabos with 4.11%.

Earlier this year Puerto Vallarta registered record hotel occupancy rates thanks to a highly successful Tianguis and Spring break season. March occupancy rates increased by 9%, with nearly 140,000 tourists. Puerto Vallarta maintained similar hotel occupancy rates throughout April with an influx of 101,025 visitors.

From January to June of 2012, international visitors occupied 613,854 hotel rooms in Puerto Vallarta in comparison to 590,921 for the same period in 2011.

Set on Bandera’s Bay, Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of hotel accommodations; from picturesque villas to 5-star all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels the destination can accommodate the needs of every guest.


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