Here is an exciting new reason to explore Puerto Vallarta on foot: First featured in Vallarta Lifestyles’ Fall/Winter 2011 Issue, the much-anticipated pedestrian bridge connecting Puerto Vallarta’s Isla Río Cuale with nearby Gringo Gulch has been completed, giving visitors and locals new reasons to explore two of the most scenic spots in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area. The new bridge makes it easy for Gringo Gulch residents to quickly access the Isla, thus taking advantage of its green spaces and the restaurants and cultural opportunities available within.


Made over an all-metal structure similar to that of the Cuale Pedestrian Bridge next to the ocean, the new bridge is strikingly modern, in contrast to its surroundings. The design features gentle steps to help people deal with the steep incline, and a series of offset steps located in the middle of the structure allow pedestrians to sit down and take in the spectacular view that can be appreciated from the bridge.