For the first time in several years, Galeria Pacifico will be open during July and August this summer, maintaining a noon to 4:00 am schedule, Monday through Saturday, and by appointment. In September the gallery will be open by appointment only, and will resume a 10:00 am to 6:00 pm schedule in October. This change was inspired by an awareness that Puerto Vallarta has segued from being an Autumn to Spring destination to remaining popular year around. Although tourism in July and August is dominated by Mexican families, especially from Guadalajara, taking advantage of schools being on vacation, many American and Canadian tourists are also becoming aware of the special charms Puerto Vallarta has to offer during the summer. 

Among these, seeing the incredibly green jungle grow before your eyes in the day and watching lightning strikes at night provide an incomparable light show above one of the largest bays in the Pacific. Visitors are invited to come to Galeria Pacifico`s spacious second floor location at Aldama 174, between Juarez and Morelos, above the Caballito del Mar Gallery and the Casa del Habano cigar shop. More information may be obtained by calling the gallery (322) 222-1982 during open hours or by contacting Gary at (322) 222-5495 or Carlos at (322) 223-0115.