Responsible for the amazing transformation that has taken place in sidewalks along Basilio Badillo in Emiliano Zapata, among others, the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club is taking on an equally rewarding challenge: Lázaro Cardenas Plaza. In partnership with a local neighborhood association and the city’s Parks Department, the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club will take over the popular—yet neglected—plaza in Emiliano Zapata on Saturday, June 16, beginning at 9 am, for a full day event of planting and landscaping.

“We are hoping to create a feeling of accomplishment,” commented Bob Price from the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. “This is one of the many events that the Club will host in anticipation of the first-ever Annual Bougainvillea Festival to take place a year from now.”

A Day in the Park is one of many events the Garden Club will host that brings residents together to celebrate community and share fun. Generous neighborhood sponsors will be providing music, food, and beverages. Remember to bring a hat, gloves, sunscreen, a bucket or shovel, if possible, and a friend. Learn more about the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club and ways in which you can participate in this and many other projects by visiting their website.