On Saturday, April 14, entreamigos had the privilege of hosting the visit of part of the Young Global Leaders group that came to Puerto Vallarta for the World Economic Forum. The Young Global Leaders define themselves as a unique, multi-stakeholder community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shape the global future. They represent the future of leadership, coming from all regions of the world, and representing business, government, civil society, arts, culture, academia and media.

entreamigos’ unique facility on Tercer Mundo Avenue, San Pancho’s main throughway, was full of people from all over the world and every sector of society: politicians from South America, journalists from Africa, physicians from Europe, social entrepreneurs from Asia… everyone trying hard to make a difference in the world.  After touring entreamigos, these 35 brilliant and inspiring young minds explored different parts of San Pancho to learn about the effects of globalization in a small community.


Three main topics were discussed: education, conservation and economy. Together with conservation organizations and members of the local community, we addressed the challenges and opportunities the community faces every day. There was a brief brainstorming session afterwards.

entreamigos is an educational community center in San Pancho, Riviera Nayarit. Their mission is to increase learning opportunities for children and families through the implementation of educational programs based on principles of integration and collective community action. The vision of entreamigos is to provide the children and families of San Pancho with the skills needed to contribute to their changing communities in a positive way. entreamigos is funded primarily by private donations and relies heavily on the support of volunteers.

Source: entreamigos