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Prince of Norway Visits The American School

Published Apr 19, 2012, 5:46pm -

   Crown Prince Haakon empowering American School of Puerto Vallarta students.

The American School of Puerto Vallarta welcomed His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon at the school April 18 to celebrate a global dignity event. The prince was in Puerto Vallarta for the World Economic Forum meetings this week.

In his tour of the school, he and other global leaders described the importance of treating people with dignity. “You are all leaders. I want you think about how you are going to leave a footprint of dignity,” he said.

A Global Dignity Day is held annually on Oct. 20. The prince’s initiative, www.globaldignity.org, aims to provide young people with information and tools to empower others with a sense of dignity. Members of his organization speak to youth in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Senior Billy Davis, 18, spoke about a time this year when he visited Pasitos de Luz, a clinic in Puerto Vallarta for children who are mentally and physically impaired. The visit educated him about the challenges other people face. “I saw what wonderful human beings those kids were and I could learn a lot from them,” he said, commenting on how much he appreciated their giving nature. Several students from ASPV visited the clinic this year as well, as part of a community service project.

High school students divided into groups according to their grade level to share stories about dignity, with the sessions underscoring how vital it is to work together and help one another. Students shared stories about a time when they felt dignity, such as when a friend listened and provided support during a difficult or stressful time. They also described the importance of having a voice, honoring oneself and others, feeling a sense of belonging and importance, self-esteem, worth, respect and equality, among other issues. After sharing their stories, students wrote letters with goals for displaying dignity to others and to themselves over the next year.

Mr. Gerald Selitzer, director of the school, closed the day ́s activities, thanking the Crown prince for his visit and for his work with the students.

Source: The American School of Puerto Vallarta

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