Part circus show, past musical, local choreographer Jacobo Martínez presents an original production (in English) for a limited, two week run, beginning March 14, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM. Tickets are $250 per person.

A Journey through the Jungle tells the story of an explorer that is lost while camping with friends in an exotic jungle. During his journey, he meets a fairy who warns him about entering a mystical world with mythological creatures, talking animals and walking plants. The beautiful voice of the fairy takes the explorer on a journey where he will face a unique snake and the metamorphosis of a butterfly, among other wonders.

Jacobo Martinez began his professional career five years old doing television, tv commercials, musical theater and radio. Specializing in dance, he has joined several concert tours with renowned singers throughout Mexico. Upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta, he founded his own entertainment company which led to the birth of Darudha Producciones. For more information, call to 222-7621 or email darudha@hotmail.com.