Locally known through his excellent Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico, zoologist and photographer Petr Myska has organized a screening of Touch of the Blue Crocodile, which takes a close look at the American crocodile in the jungles of Mexico, one of its natural habitats. Myska co-created the documentary along with director Petr Tomaides. Touch of the Blue Crocodile will be screened at the Juan Luis Cifuentes Lemus Auditorium at the Centro Universitario de la Costa on Tuesday, March 20, at 6 pm.

American Crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus), one of the largest species on the planet can reach lengths of 6 meters and in Mexico both naturally and as a result of advancing urbanization exist closer to humans than ever before. Ordinary people live beside them, biologists study them, conservationist preserve them, fishermen encounter them during their daily work routine. What is it like to live day by day in contact with such a creature? What is the true touch of a crocodile like?

The documentaries about crocodiles we are accustomed to refer mostly to the animals rather than the humans. Touch of the Blue Crocodile offers a different perspective, capturing what kind of effect crocodiles have emotionally, psychologically and physically. Profiles of individuals whose lives have been destroyed by a crocodile attack as opposed to those who risk their lives to protect and save them. A situation unheard of by most of us. In Mexico a matter of daily experience.

Touch of the Blue Crocodile will allow the viewer to truly 'touch' the enigmatic world of the crocodiles. Learn more about this project by visiting their website, www.touchofthebluecrocodile.com.

Source: Petr Myska