Guadalajara-based sculptor Guillermo Gómez will be present at his upcoming exhibition opening, to take place at AnDante (in Gallería Dante) this Friday, February 24, from 6 - 10 pm. The second of nine brothers and sisters from a conservative Mexican family, Gómez is a prolific sculptor whose monuments adorn such cities as Guadalajara, La Paz, Villahermosa, and internationally in Lima, Peru. 

The event takes place alongside openings by Yvan Genest, Alvaro Zardoni and Jean-Gabriel Lambert at Galleria Dante, and also within the framework of the increasingly popular South Side Shuffle, a neighborhood event in which businesses in Basilio Badillo St. and surrounding areas celebrate the diverse experience visitors can encounter dining, shopping, or simply sauntering from place to place.

Source: Galleria Dante