Writer David Lyons (R) pictured with Vallarta Lifestyles Publisher, John Youden.

In late January writer David Lyons held a cocktail party for friends at his home in Amapas to present his latest book, Ice Fire, which will be published by Emily Bestler Books (part of Simon & Schuster) and released in May of this year. Lyons has been writing for over 20 years and has had several of his books published, but this is the first to be picked up by a such a prestigious publisher, who are hailing it as a "Spring Blockbuster.”

Ice Fire is a thriller, featuring a Louisiana district judge Jock Boucher who gets tangled up in a case involving a fugitive scientist who has discovered a new source of energy from below the subsea bed that could end America's dependence on oil. But there's plenty of bad guys who also understand the value of this discovery and want in on it, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get that.

Vallarta Lifestyles was fortunate to read an early copy of the book and consider this the author’s best book to date and definitely worthy of being a blockbuster. It has a great story behind it, a real thriller, and we expect that we'll be hearing a lot more of Jock Boucher in the future. You can pre-order Ice Fire in hardcover or Kindle edition at www.amazon.com.