Award-winning restaurateur Thierry Blouet recently celebrated the re-inauguration of the lounge at his downtown restaurant, Café des Artistes. Now called P’yote Lounge, the venue is a celebration of Huichol life and art. The name itself is a derivative of the word peyote, a small cactus known for its psychoactive properties, also considered to be one of the four principal deities of the Huichol.

 Rosé & Thierry Blouet with Cristina Pineda and
French Ambassador Daniel Parfait.

The new space was envisioned by Guadalajara-based architectural firm 3.14, spearheaded by Leonardo Díaz Borioli. A unique partnership was also established with acclaimed Mexican designer Cristina Pineda of Pineda Covalín to produce a unique line of fabrics to be used in the decoration of the venue. An special opening celebration took place at P’yote Lounge on Saturday, February 4, with special guests, including Cristina Pineda and her husband, French Ambassador Daniel Parfait.