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Brewster Brockmann Exhibition at Galería Pacífico

Published Feb 15, 2012, 2:19pm - (Updated Mar 1, 2012, 12:55pm)


For the eleventh year in a row, Gary Thompson’s Galeria Pacifico is presenting an exhibition by Brewster Brockmann, one of the most talented and highly regarded artists in the area. His work is also extremely popular, as evidenced by the fact that he is Pacifico’s best selling artist, with collectors around the world. Two inaugurations, on February, 15 and 22, will take place during the original 6:00 to 10:00 PM Art Walks held every Wednesday night in the Historic Zone of downtown Vallarta, with the exhibit mounted through March 6.

Brockmann comes from a family of artists and his Mexican father met his American mother while both were art students at the famous Rhode Island School of Design. Brewster was also educated in the US, receiving a bachelor’s degree at Bennington College and a MFA from the Cranbrook Academy. However, he grew up in Guadalajara and now lives near Vallarta. Yet, his paintings are represented in galleries in the US, and he also has sculptures in the collection of the Kohler Museum of Modern Art.

This season’s exhibit will feature primitive looking sculptures in terra cotta and bronze as well as highly expressionistic paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, board and paper. There will be more works on paper than in past years, in various sizes and themes that combine areas of great detail with sections of nearly abstract figures and bursts of color.

Source: Gary Thompson


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