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Mural Commission, To Be Inaugurated at Puerto Vallarta's International Airport

Published Dec 9, 2011, 11:51am - (Updated Dec 19, 2011, 4:24pm)


Puerto Vallarta artist Javier Niño's most recent mural work, "Allegory," commissioned by Gail and Frank Rudin of The Genius of Paco, has been installed in the Puerto Vallarta International Airport and will be officially presented to the public on Wednesday, December 14, at 5 pm.

Born in Puerto Vallarta, Niño is recognized as one of today’s most significant artist in the popular artistic destination. He is the current leader of the particular naïf style initiated by the late Manuel Lepe, another renowned local artist, which provides artistic identity to Puerto Vallarta. His exquisite work represents the rich natural beauty of this wonderful town.

This mural set consists of five, 1.86 x 2-meter panels, and features elements and characters that are already characteristic of Javier Niño’s Vallarta-related canvases, with newly incorporated elements of realistic expression and even abstractions and forms very well achieved of contemporary representation.

Puerto Vallarta has been promoted beyond its borders several times through the art of Javier Niño. The artist has created murals in Santa Barbara, CA, and Highland Park, Illinois. In the late 70’s, his first exhibition of Art Vallarta beyond its borders was held in Marina del Rey, CA. At the same time, he ultimately contributed to the opening of new spaces dedicated to the exhibition of visual arts. He instituted the first paint workshop at the Isla Río Cuale in Puerto Vallarta.

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