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Two Local Artists Release New Artistic Projects

Published Nov 7, 2011, 3:53pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:59pm)


Long-time Vallarta residents and friends Raoul Diaz and Pat Henry are joining to celebrate the release of Diaz’s newest CD and Henry’s first DVD at El Sofá on Sunday, November 13, from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  Both of these creative artists are constantly exploring new arenas, combining previous experiences into new expressions.  The public is invited to join the event and visit with the artists.  “Hari Bol!,” the first Kirtan group and school of Kirtan in México, created by Raoul Diaz will provide live Kirtan with chanting during the evening, and Henry will demonstrate her program of Organic Stretching™.

Raoul Diaz “Krishnananda” is a yogi musician who specializes in piano and harmonium. He has produced six CD’s with contemplative piano music which has been performed in many venues in México, USA, Asia and Europe. Raoul is the founder of Sraswati Kirtan Center, where he leads chanting and meditation sessions of the Hindu tradition. Recently he participated in the Kirtan Camp of Jai Uttal with whom he played and chanted during the Yoga Festival of Puerto Vallarta.

Pat Henry

Jimmy Shiva, also of “Hari Bol!,” is a self taught musician who plays string and percussion instruments. He has researched world percussion and specialized in Mexican Prehispanic instruments such as the huehuetl, ocarinas and flutes. During his musical journey, Jimmy has participated with many groups of diverse styles of music.  His immersion into Kirtan has led him to explore new rhythms and go deeper in his own spiritual practice, where music is the means of communication and connection with the whole.

Pat Henry is most recognized in Vallarta for her solo circumnavigation of the world in her sailboat and as a painter.  But today, her focus is on Organic Stretching™, a personal movement program to maintain and enhance the health of the connective tissue system.  Henry has developed the teaching methodology from the principles underlying an effective pain management program known as the Wallace Method.  To enhance her group and private classes and workshops, Henry produced a video: “Organic Stretching™: The Principles and Movements.”  She used some of her favorite pieces from the compositions/recordings of Diaz for the DVD.  Other local artists participating in this project included: Hugo Lopez and Christina Rubini of HBOSS Entertainment, cinematography; Peter Braun of guacamole-inc., graphic design; and Vallarta Botanical Gardens, location.

Both Diaz’s new CD and Henry’s DVD will be available for purchase. El Sofa is located at Venustiano Carranza 306, Emiliano Zapata.

Source: Pat Henry

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